Technology Knowledge Update TKU 2023-Dec-1

BMC Discovery Technology Knowledge Update 2023-Dec-1 provides information about new scanning capabilities in the 21.05, 21.3, 22.1, 22.2, 23.1, and 23.3 versions of BMC Discovery.

Release highlights

In this release, we are delivering:


  • AWS: Added full support for AWS Virtual Private Cloud. For more details, see (DRDC1-14794, DRDC1-13379, DRDC1-12007) and the documentation here.
  • AWS: AWS CloudFront is now fully discovered. For more details, see (DRDC1-21302) and the documentation here.
  • AZURE: Added full support for the Azure Virtual Private Cloud. For more details, see (DRDC1-13634, DRDC1-21565, DRDC1-17989, DRDC1-21510) and the documentation here.
  • AZURE: Microsoft Azure Database for MySQL: Flexible Server is now supported. For more details, see (DRDC1-22088) and the documentation here.
  • AZURE: Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN is now supported. For details, see (DRDC1-18481) and the documentation here.
  • GCP: The Load Balancer (GoogleLoadBalancing) pattern has been optimized. For more details, see (DRDC1-21613) and the documentation here.

CMDB sync

  • Added a pattern for the synchronization of EOL dates to the CMDB. Note that this requires the CMDB to be extended to support the following new attributes: EndOfExtendedSupport, EndOfLife, EndOfSecuritySupport, and EndOfSupport. For more details, see (DRDC1-21798) and the documentation here Open link and here Open link .
  • A new relationship between NetworkDevice and NetworkService nodes has been added and the sync mapping pattern updated accordingly. For more details, see (DRDC1-22131).
  • AWS: CloudService and CloudRegion nodes are now synced to the BMC CMDB as BMC_CloudInstance CIs. For more details, see (DRDC1-22103) and the documentation here.

ServiceNow CMDB sync

  • We are releasing several ServiceNow CMDB sync patterns bug fixes and improvements. For the details, see the dedicated table and the documentation here Open link .


  • HEADS-UP: PostgreSQL RDBMS: The PostgreSQL pattern no longer creates SoftwareCluster nodes. What PostgreSQL considers to be a cluster is different to what BMC Discovery considers to be a cluster. You can still find instance information on the SoftwareInstance. For more details, see (DRDC1-21303) and the documentation here.
  • Logstash pattern enhancement: agent versioning through APIs. For more details, see (DRDC1-18512) and the documentation here.
  • TLS Certificate: Unix pattern enhancements (more attributes discovered). For more details, see (DRDC1-21749) and the documentation here.
  • TLS Certificates: Windows pattern enhancements. For more details, see (DRDC1-21593) and the documentation here.


  • We can now scan NetApp storage systems through the NetApp UM Active IQ system by using REST APIs access only. For more details, see (DRDC1-21951) and the documentation here.

Latest releases updates

You can find information about the latest TKU updates and essential notes in the Schedule and Roadmap.

  • TLS Certificate checking: BMC Discovery and the BMC Discovery Outpost check the TLS certificate against GCP. You can clear the check box to disable the TLS certificate and check if the certificate is invalid. In such a case, be aware that a hacker attack could intercept your credentials.

Release compatibility

TKU 2023-Dec-1 is compatible with the following versions of BMC Discovery: 21.05, 21.3, 22.1, 22.2, 23.1, and 23.3.


Customers can access this TKU release from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution Website Open link . If you are a customer or partner without a login, contact your BMC account manager.

Learn how to download from the BMC EPD site from this guideline.

Release contents

The release comprises components packaged as the following entities:

  • BMC Discovery Technology Knowledge Update
    • Core - Patterns that model various software products.
    • Extended Database discovery - Patterns that extend some of the core database patterns to obtain additional detailed information about certain databases.
    • Middleware discovery - Patterns that obtain detailed information about certain J2EE Application Servers and Web servers.
    • Network Device Integration Module with associated Network Device definition files, Printer definition files, and SNMP managed devices definition files.
    • System - Patterns that detect configuration issues and populate Discovery Conditions BMC Discovery 21.05 Open link , BMC Discovery 21.3 Open link , BMC Discovery 22.1 Open link , BMC Discovery 22.2 Open link , BMC Discovery 23.1 Open link , BMC Discovery 23.3 Open link and patterns used by the BMC CMDB sync system.
  • BMC Discovery Extended Data Pack 2023-Dec-1
    • Hardware Reference Data - Patterns and data import CSV file that populates BMC Discovery with power and heat consumption figures for various hosts.
    • National Vulnerability Database - A pattern that populates BMC Discovery with information about the CPE ID of each product.
    • Product Lifecycle - Patterns that populate BMC Discovery with information about End-of-Life, End-of-Support, and End-of-Extended-Support for versions of specific host Operating Systems and interpretations of certain software products.
  • BMC Discovery for Storage is a separately licensable product.
    • Storage Systems - Patterns that model many Storage Systems.
    • Storage System Release Notes provides the latest Storage updates and improvements to existing Storage patterns.
  • BMC Discovery for ServiceNow is a separately licensable product.
    • ServiceNow CMDB sync mapping patterns. The documentation is here Open link .

Command/File Matrix

The Command/File Matrix file (covering all commands executed and files retrieved by the patterns) for TKU 2023-Dec-1 is available here.

ServiceNow sync mapping pattern updates

Defect ref.DescriptionNotes


Added Desktop/Laptop in the cmdb_ci_computer class in ServiceNow CMDB instead of cmdb_ci_server.

New feature


Added a hostname to the name of the runtime environment mapping in ServiceNow CMDB.



Added "Most recent discovery" for the storage system in ServiceNow CMDB.

New feature


Created a relationship between Host and LB Pool in ServiceNow CMDB.



Created a relationship between LB Pool (hosted in Cloud) and virtual machine in ServiceNow CMDB.



The service_classification attribute is now mapped to "Application Service" for BAI (BusinessApplicationInstance) node kinds.


DRUD1-40415Created sync mapping for Amazon Elastic Container Service to ServiceNow CMDB.

New feature

DRUD1-42417, DRUD1-42237Created sync mapping for TechnicalService and BusinessService nodes.

New feature


Fixed an issue with cmdb_ci_azure_subscription.

This issue was fixed by adding the cmdb_ci_azure_subscription and cmdb_ci_aws_subscription CIs. For more details about these CIs, their attributes and relationships, see ServiceNow Mapping for Cloud Open link in the BMC Helix Discovery documentation. 

DRUD1-32242, DRDC1-22325

Fixed an issue with incorrectly displayed vSphere datastore size.



Fixed an issue with unsupported operand types.



Improved database and database software for the ServiceNow CMDB sync.



Populated subnets to ServiceNow CMDB in the cmdb_ci_ip_network class.

New feature


Synced an OS service pack to ServiceNow for Linux Hosts.



Synced communication and dependency information between software items to ServiceNow CMDB.

New feature


Synced FQDN to ServiceNow CMDB in the cmdb_ci_ip_address class.

New feature


Updated the OOTB CMDB sync pattern to sync a hostname of the host with the host_name attribute in ServiceNow CMDB.



Added a hostname in "Name" for Runtime Environments mapping in ServiceNow CMDB.



Added support for the cmdb_ci_app_server_tomcat Apache child class.

New feature


Updated the CMDB pattern so that Software based Load Balancers go to the cmdb_ci_lb_appl class.


Important notes for ServiceNow sync mapping patterns


For seamless sync mapping, ensure that all your ServiceNow CMDB configurations are up-to-date; see Preparing ServiceNow CMDB for synchronization Open link .

A change has been implemented between a product version of BMC Discovery for how TechnicalService is handled. In earlier BMC Discovery versions, BusinessService is a node and the kind is either BusinessService or TechnicalService. Starting from the release 22.1, TechnicalService is a separate node.

ServiceNow.BusinessService_cmdb_ci_business_app is for the earlier versions where TechnicalService is a kind under BusinessService. This TPL covers TechnicalService and BusinessService.

ServiceNow.TechnicalService_cmdb_ci_business_app is for the release 22.1 and later where TechnicalService is a separate node. The other TPL ServiceNow.BusinessService_cmdb_ci_business_app is still required for the BusinessService.

Outpost updates

Defect ref.DescriptionNotes
DRUD1-41040Fixed an issue with updating cloud credentials through API.N/A
DRUD1-42772Fixed the COMM_FAILURE error that occurs during a network device scan.N/A
DRUD1-42893Fixed an issue with credentials importation.N/A
DRUD1-42906Fixed an issue with an AIX targets scan.N/A


The following new products are introduced within the scope of this release.







Product Page

CBIEDITRANInstant Communications Applications


ElasticWinlogbeatEvent Management Tools


YYElastic Winlogbeat
FortraJAMSWorkload Scheduling and Automation Software

Unix, Windows

Stichting NLnet LabsRoutinatorOther Security Software


TIBCOActiveMatrix BusinessWorksEnterprise Service Bus and Connectivity Middleware

Unix, Windows

YYTIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks


The following RFEs are introduced within the scope of this release.

RFE ref.


Product Page

SI Key Change

DRDC1-22238 Updated the patterns to use return instead of stop in functions.

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

Citrix Presentation Server

IBM Tivoli Monitoring

Microsoft Azure DNS

Oracle Engineered Systems

Oracle VM Server for SPARC

Oracle WebCenter Portal

Processor Information

Veritas InfoScale

DRDC1-21725Updated Apache Cassandra to obtain cluster information through the SQL database query.Apache CassandraN

Improved the mechanism of discovering webservers.

Apache HTTPD-based WebserversN

Updated the BEA Tuxedo pattern to display correct versions for Windows.

BEA TuxedoN
DRDC1-22161Updated active versioning for the CA Workload Automation pattern.CA Workload AutomationN
DRDC1-20972, DRDC1-21781Updated the patterns to cover modern versions of Citrix products (XenApp and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops) and improved versioning.

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

Citrix XenApp

DRDC1-22034Updated the Commvault Client SI with the cvfwd associated process. Commvault Virtual Server ProtectionN
DRDC1-21985 Updated the pattern to try active versioning with privileged execution if non-privileged execution fails.Elastic FilebeatN
DRDC1-21737Updated the trigger and version extraction for Elastic Metricbeat on Windows.Elastic MetricbeatN
DRDC1-22216Updated the ESET Security Services pattern to use the value from the default ESET installation folders if install_root is empty.ESET Security ServicesN
DRDC1-22127 Updated the etcd pattern to use a correct command for discovering an etcd SI version.etcdN
DRDC1-22172 Updated the HAProxy.HAProxy_LoadBalancer pattern to use sudo in active versioning.HAProxyN
DRDC1-22035Added a false-positive check for the HSQL Development Group HyperSQL pattern.HSQL Development Group HyperSQLN

Updated the IBM DB2 RDBMS pattern to run a command according to the OS detection.

IBM DB2 RDBMS - Database Detail PatternN
DRDC1-22209 Improved versioning of IBM Informix Dynamic Server SI.IBM Informix Dynamic ServerN
DRDC1-22146Added path versioning for the IBM InfoSphere Guardium S-TAP Agent pattern.

IBM InfoSphere Guardium S-TAP Agent


Changed the primary data provenance for namespaces and deployments to the K8S_NAMESPACE/VE3_PROJECT and K8S_DEPLOYMENT/VE3_DEPLOYMENT monitored objects respectively.


Added support for Logstash Agent versioning through the curl command.

DRDC1-21685 Improved the MySQL name to include a port (if such exists in the key) along with datadir or instance.Oracle MySQL ServerN
DRDC1-21833Updated the Oracle RDBMS pattern to model Details from all DBIDs reported on a database instance.Oracle RDBMSN
DRDC1-22116Updated Oracle RDBMS to discover the Oracle Schema Structure in Pluggable Database (PDB).Oracle RDBMS - Database Detail PatternN
DRDC1-21415 Added a primary_server attribute to PostgreSQL RDBMS.PostgreSQL RDBMSN
DRDC1-21303Updated the PostgresSQL model by removing a reference to Software Clusters.PostgreSQL RDBMSY
DRDC1-21418Added the annotations and labels attributes for Ingress LB Service node.Red Hat OpenShift, KubernetesN

Updated the SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence pattern module so that all patterns use WMI versioning.

SAP BusinessObjects Web IntelligenceN
DRDC1-21749Added new attributes for TLS Certificate Discovery.TLS Certificates DiscoveryN
DRDC1-22112 Improved the certificate discovery.TLS Certificates DiscoveryN
DRDC1-21593Optimized Windows Certificates discovery to populate extensions.TLS Certificates DiscoveryN

Added the directory listing version method for the Redline InRush Ticker Plant pattern.

Redline InRush Ticker PlantN

Defects resolved

The following defects are fixed within the scope of this release.

Defect ref.


Product Page

SI Key Change


Problem: The patterns use an unanchored removal group but trigger on a DDD node kind DiscoveredProcess.

Solution: Code fix.

BMC TrueSight Smart Reporting

Oracle Solaris Cluster

Oracle VM Server for SPARC



Problem: The ITRS Geneos pattern fails to trigger on some valid trigger processes.
Solution: Code fix.

ITRS Geneos



Problem: An ECA error occurs when Oracle RDBMS contains an all-numeric database name.
Solution: Code fix.

Oracle RDBMS



Problem: Scan of Red Hat OpenShift fails with an ECA error.
Solution: Code fix.

Red Hat OpenShift



Problem: Common_LoadBalancer.InstanceToHostMemberService runs a big amount of searches.
Solution: Code fix.

Supported Load Balancers



Problem: Sybase ASE can attempt to query a database by using an invalid IP.
Solution: Code fix.

Sybase ASE Dataserver - Database Detail Pattern



Problem: The WordPress pattern has a product version set to a full version rather than two levels.
Solution: Code fix.




Problem: Unused model.suppressRemovalGroup() in the pattern.
Code fix.



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