Pure Storage FlashArray Storage Systems (REST)

Pure Storage FlashArray Storage Systems are discovered using the Purity\\FA REST API. When a Pure Storage FlashArray discovery of an IP address finds a storage entity, a Storage Device node representing the FlashArray node is created. The creation or confirmation of the Storage Device node triggers the Pure Storage FlashArray (REST) pattern. The storage discovery pattern continues the discovery of the storage entity using further Pure Storage FlashArray REST API requests to discover the associated storage components. Once discovered, the storage entities are modeled in BMC Discovery.


  • A user account with rights to perform POST request
  • Purity\\FA REST API version 2.4


  1. Create credentials of type "Pure Storage FlashArray REST API".
  2. Directly scan the IP address of the Pure Storage FlashArray.

Vendor Specific Information

No known vendor specific information.

Discovered Storage information

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  1. Alfredo Luna

    Hello, The link "Pure Storage FlashArray Discovered Information (REST)" links to the "Pure Storage FlashArray Discovered Information (WBEM)" page. Is that correct? Using both methods (WBEM and REST) the same info is obtained?

    Thank You.

    May 14, 2024 08:35
    1. Veronique Delarue

      Hello, thank you for reporting this error. The hyperlink to the correct page is now updated internally. It should be published shortly on the official online documentation. Best regards.

      May 14, 2024 08:47