Product content TKU 2023-Jun-1

Technology Knowledge Update TKU 2023-Jun-1 contains additional product content for the BMC Discovery 12.0, 20.08, 21.05, 21.3, 22.1, 22.2, and 23.1 series.

Product content updates require appliance restart

This TKU release contains product content additions. The appliance is restarted when product content is added to the update. You can prevent the restart, but none of the knowledge content will be installed if you do so.

For more information about Cloud Discovery, see Supported Cloud Providers

Feature updates

The following features and enhancements are introduced within the scope of this release: 

  1. CLOUD/MICROSOFT AZURE: Added full support of Azure Cosmos DB services. For more details, see (DRDC1-12279).
  2. CLOUD/AZURE: Azure Application Gateway is now fully supported. For details, see (DRDC1-20122) and here.
  3. CLOUD/OCI: Added support for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure OpenSearch service. For more details, see (DRDC1-20938).
  4. CLOUD/OCI: Added support for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Stream service. For more details, see (DRDC1-20939).
  5. CLOUD/AWS: Fixed an issue with with boto3/botocore. For more details, see (DRDC1-21254).
  6. CLOUD/GCP: Provided support for nested projects. For more details, see (DRDC1-20542).
  7. NETWORK DEVICES: Added a new management controller device for VMWare Skyline Collector. For more details, see (DRDC1-21005).
  8. NETWORK DEVICES: Added support for the discovery of Dell EMC OpenManage Enterprise (OME). For more details, see (DRDC1-21179).
  9. HOST: Enhanced the OS version discovery for Debian 11. For more details, see (DRDC1-21216).

  10. STORAGE: Added support for HPE StoreOnce version 4. For more details, see (DRDC1-21184).
  11. STORAGE: Added support for Huawei OceanStor Dorado 6000 V6 and Huawei OceanStor Dorado 8000 V6. For more details, see (DRDC1-21206).
  12. STORAGE: Populated the model information for the Nexenta StorageDevice node. For more details, see (DRDC1-21323).
  13. STORAGE: Added support for Pure Storage FlashArray via REST APIs. For details, see (DRDC1-19671), or here.


The following defects were fixed within the scope of this release: 

  1. CLOUD/AWS: Fixed an issue when an AWS host was not labeled as virtual. For more details, see (DRDC1-21310).
  2. HOST: Fixed an issue with an obsolescent GNU egrep. For more details, see (DRDC1-21311).
  3. NETWORK DEVICES: Fixed an issue when the Fujitsu iRMC controller was not discovered. For more details, see (DRDC1-21189).
  4. VAULT: Fixed an issue with wrong behavior of the Safeguard configuration UI. For more details, see (DRUD1-40977).
  5. VAULT: Fixed an issue with Database credentials. For more details, see (DRUD1-41158, DRUD1-41159).

Changes to discovery commands

Discovery commands are unchanged in Product Content 2023-June-1.

Model changes

Taxonomy has been updated for:

  1. CLOUD/MICROSOFT AZURE: Taxonomy Provided a cloud pattern for Azure API Gateway. For more details, see (DRDC1-20122).

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