Product Content TKU 2023-Jan-1

Technology Knowledge Update TKU 2023-Jan-1 contains additional product content for the BMC Discovery 12.0, 20.08, 21.05, 21.3, 22.1, 22.2, and 23.1 series.

Product content updates require appliance restart

This TKU release contains product content additions. The appliance is restarted when product content is added to the update. You are allowed to prevent the restart, though if you do so, none of the knowledge content will be installed.


For more information about Cloud Discovery, see Supported Cloud Providers

Feature updates

The following features and enhancements are introduced within the scope of this release: 

  1. CLOUD/Azure: Provided Cloud Public IPs for Azure. For details, see (DRDC1-20124).
  2. CLOUD/AWS: Updated the AWS Backup pattern for optimization purposes. For details, see (DRDC1-20420).
  3. CLOUD/AWS: Enhanced describe_elasticsearch_domains API calls. For details, see (DRDC1-20410).
  4. CLOUD/GCP: Improved GoogleCloudPlatform.Trace.InferTraces pattern. For details, see (DRDC1-19698).
  5. CLOUD/IBM: Removed obsolete request for IBM.CFEE.Environments.List. For details, see (DRDC1-20077).
  6. CLOUD/OCI: Added VirtualMachine tags support. For details, see (DRDC1-20279).
  7. PRODUCT: Enhanced the OpenShift Cluster discovery to avoid BAD_PARAM errors caused by binary data in ConfigMap API results. For details, see (DRDC1-20239).
  8. PRODUCT: Enhanced Kernels identification by IGEL. For details, see (DRDC1-20352).
  9. PRODUCT: Enhanced method to get the serial numbers for Oracle Servers. For details, see (DRDC1-18436).
  10. PRODUCT: Added FreePBX OS classifier (DRDC1-20337, DRDC1-20338).
  11. PRODUCT: Updated IGEL OS classifier (DRDC1-20398).


The following defects were fixed within the scope of this release: 

  1. CLOUD/Azure: Fix resourceGroupLink usage in Azure patterns. For details, see (DRDC1-20322).
  2. CLOUD/AWS: AWS Cloud Credentials show failure in Test Action but work for Scans. For details, see (DRUD1-37688).
  3. PRODUCT: Using the CSVAPI is printing the password in the tw_appserver.log when "User Interface" is in Debug. For details, see (DRUD1-39606).
  4. PRODUCT: getPackageList returns less data when scanned using PowerShell and gives different architecture values. For details, see (DRUD1-38524).

Changes to discovery commands

Discovery commands are unchanged in Product Content 2023-Jan-1.

Model changes

  • Taxonomy has been updated to discover the 'Install Root' for the Software Instance node. For details, see (DRDC1-20190).


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