Product Content TKU 2023-Apr-1

Technology Knowledge Update TKU 2023-Apr-1 contains additional product content for the BMC Discovery 12.0, 20.08, 21.05, 21.3, 22.1, 22.2, and 23.1 series.

Product content updates require appliance restart

This TKU release contains product content additions. The appliance is restarted when product content is added to the update. You can prevent the restart, but none of the knowledge content will be installed if you do so.


For more information about Cloud Discovery, see Supported Cloud Providers

Feature updates

The following features and enhancements are introduced within the scope of this release: 

  1. CLOUD/AWS: AWS Launch Templates are now used to augment EC2 discovery. For details, see (DRDC1-19843).
  2. CLOUD/Azure:  VMs are now linked to Azure Kubernetes Cluster at first scan. For details, see (DRDC1-17154).
  3. NETWORK: Ubiquity UniFi Management Controller is now supported (via REST APIs). For details see (DRDC1-18206).


The following defects were fixed within the scope of this release: 

  1. MANAGEMENT CONTROLLERS: HPE OneView Rest API credential fails to grab the hostname. For details, see (DRDC1-20978).

Changes to discovery commands

Discovery commands are unchanged in Product Content 2023-Apr-1.

Model changes

Taxonomy has been updated for:

  1. STORAGE: the 'status" attribute has been added to the StorageSystem no kind and patterns updated accordingly for the vendors who provide the info. For details, see (DRDC1-16176).
  2. SOFTWARE: The 'cpu family' and 'cache size' attributes are now attached to the Processor Info node. For details, see (DRDC1-15048).

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