Oracle RDBMS - Database Detail Pattern - Change History


TKU February 2023

In TKU February 2023 pattern updated to call createSchemas() in case of query_results is none (DRDC1-19453).


TKU September 2020

For TKU September 2020 Extended Discovery pattern was updated. Database Schema node type and Database Table node type were updated to contain DB Server type. (DRDC1-14748).


TKU August 2014 

In TKU August 2014, the following changes were implemented:

  • The pattern has been improved to correctly perform Oracle 8i extended discovery (QM001853705).

TKU July 2014

In TKU July 2014, the following changes were implemented:

  • Enhanced OracleRDBMS_DBDetails pattern to support Oracle 12c Pluggable Databases (PDBs). PDBs are modelled as DatabaseDetails (QM001822230).

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