Oracle Application Express - Change History

TKU April 2012

In TKU April 2012 updated method for running sql queries to Oracle Database Server.

TKU May 2015

In TKU May 2015 the pattern was updated with the following changes:

  • New versions are supported.
  • Improved listening port extraction.

TKU April 2016

In TKU April 2016 queries to Oracle DB were updated (DRDC1-4759)

TKU November 2016

In TKU Nov 2015 usage of was replaced as the SI can be run on Cluster(DRDC1-7213).

TKU July 2018

In TKU July 2018 pattern aging was updated.

TKU January 2019

In   TKU January 2019 false-positive check and relationship creation was updated.

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