HPE StoreOnce Storage Systems

HPE StoreOnce storage systems are discovered via Embedded StoreOnce API. Therefore, the storage system can be discovered by scanning the storage device. As part of routine discovery, when the StoreOnce system is encountered, an StoreOnce storage device node is automatically added to the BMC Discovery infrastructure.  Once discovered, the storage entities are modeled in BMC Discovery.


Embedded StoreOnce API, including:

    • Credential Type: REST API with basic authentication
    • StoreOnce system IP Address.
    • Username and password that are used to access the StoreOnce system.

Supported Platforms/Versions

  • HPE StoreOnce version 3.x
  • HPE StoreOnce version 4.x

Discovered Storage Information

Vendor Specific Information

No known vendor specific information.


No known limitations.

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