Cisco ACI

Starting from TKU February 2020 discovery of the physical topology (infrastructure) of the Cisco ACI solution is supported.


Cisco ACI physical topology discovery feature is only supported starting from BMC Discovery 11.3 version.


  • Two types of credentials must be configured in order to pattern work properly:
    • SNMP credentials for all nodes in ACI Fabric – APICs, leafs and spines.
    • Cisco APIC REST API credentials for APIC nodes (new type of the credentials). 
      More info about configuring Cisco APIC REST API credentials can be found here.
  • All ACI nodes must first be discovered using SNMP.  Once it is done, Cisco_ACI pattern is able to trigger and build physical topology.

How it works

Pattern triggers on Cisco APIC controller Network Device node, then runs REST calls against /api/node/class/topSystem class in APIC API to get info about ACI nodes (APICs, leafs and spines).

Using this info pattern do the following:

  • Creates two types of clusters:
    • APIC Cluster with all the APICs
    • Pod Cluster(s) with all the leaf and spine switches in one ACI Pod.
  • Creates management relationship(s) between APIC Cluster and Pod Cluster(s).
  • Adds ACI-related attributes to the Network Device nodes in ACI Fabric (APICs, leafs and spines):
    • ACI Fabric Name
    • ACI Pod Id
    • ACI Node Role
    • ACI Node Id
    • ACI Node State
    • ACI Tep Pool
  • Finally, pattern adds IP addresses to the ACI devices (APICs, leafs and spines).

Below are some example of the data in Discovery.

APIC cluster

Pod Cluster



CMDB mapping

NetworkDevice nodes are mapped into BMC_ComputerSystem class.

APIC and Pod Clusters are mapped to BMC_Cluster class.

Management relationships between clusters are mapped as BMC_Dependency.

For more information about the CDM mapping please visit this page:

Below is example of the Cisco ACI data in the CMDB.


Known limitations

As it was mentioned before, only infrastructure (topology) part is currently supported.

Logical (application) part is not supported yet (hence no tenants, application profiles, EPGs, etc.).

We encourage our customers to provide us with the requirements for the logical part.

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