BMC Discovery Licensing entitlement

BMC Discovery does not use a license management system, but it provides a license management page which enables you to opt-in to cloud discovery, monitor your license usage for on-premises discovery and cloud discovery, and to see the status (whether or not it is installed, and if installed, which version) of Storage discovery and the Extended Data Pack. For more information, see Managing licenses.

Discovery appliances

There is no limit on the number of BMC Discovery appliances you are allowed to use with respect to licensing, it simply depends on the overall number of items discovered.

Scanned hosts

Our core licensing model is simple, the customer pays an amount for a license to model up to a set number of unique server OSIs (Operating System Instances), effectively this means hosts. Licensing is based on the lifetime of a Host averaged over the days in the month. Previous months counts are taken into account according to the terms of your contract. A customer is entitled and licensed based on their agreement with BMC and a licensing compliance team at BMC helps customers ensure that their usage of BMC Discovery stays in line with their agreement.

If a host is discovered by four scanners, it still uses just one license. The same applies to a consolidator that has pushed data from a scanner: the same host is found on both, but still uses just one license. 

BMC Discovery also collects data on network devices, printers, and other network-connected devices. Those do not count as a license.

BMC Discovery is not aimed at discovering desktop OSIs and does not discover and model them by default. You can discover desktop OSIs, but you must enable this on the appliance. Desktop OSIs do not count towards licensing totals. 

Initially the Host has been present for just a few days, so when averaged over the entire month, the total is low. After a complete month, the number will have increased, and be the same as the Host count.

BMC Helix CMDB license entitlement

BMC Discovery includes three named user licenses for BMC Helix CMDB administration only. The three licenses are provided for BMC Helix CMDB administration only, not as licenses to administer other AR System or BMC Helix ITSM applications.

Additional user licenses can be purchased through different BMC Helix products, please contact your sales representative if required.

The three named users provided with BMC Discovery are entitled to administer all functionality in BMC Helix CMDB, for example, they can:

  • Configure data sources.
  • Create normalization and reconciliation rules.
  • Use Atrium Explorer for impact analysis, and so on.
  • Define business services.
  • Manage Service Catalog.

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