Upgrading the BMC Discovery Outpost

The BMC Discovery Outpost is application software that runs on Windows computers in your data center. The installation package is supplied as a conventional Windows Installer package in an .msi file.

You can download the installation package from the Manage > Outposts & Proxies page, Outposts tab in the UI.


If an upgraded .msi file is available for an Outpost, it is delivered through the monthly TKU release. Therefore, it is recommended that you always apply the latest TKU and keep Auto-Update (in the Outpost UI) enabled.

To enable or disable automatic upgrades of a BMC Discovery Outpost

You can configure the BMC Discovery Outpost to be automatically upgraded when a new version is available in the BMC Discovery service. To enable or disable automatic upgrading of the BMC Discovery Outpost:

  1. From the Outpost UI, select Manage > Configuration.
    The Outpost configuration screen is displayed.
  2. From the Auto Update list, select Enabled to enable or Disabled to disable automatic updates.


    We recommend that you retain the default setting Enabled and do not disable automatic updates.

  3. Click Apply

For more information, see Configuring the BMC Discovery Outpost

To upgrade a BMC Discovery Outpost manually

You can upgrade a BMC Discovery Outpost manually, although you do not need to as the Outpost uses automatic upgrades by default. You can manually upgrade the Outpost if:

  • the automatic upgrade fails for any reason or,
  • you have set the Auto Update field to Disabled in the Outpost UI. 

However, the manual upgrade procedure does not permit you to change Outpost settings; you can make changes to settings only through the Outpost UI.

Only the Outpost Administrator can change Outpost configuration settings or apply updates manually.

  1. To identify if an Outpost requires an update, from the main menu go to the Manage > Outposts & Proxies page, and in the Outposts tab, check the Outpost Connections section.

    If an Out-of-date message is displayed for a registered Outpost, you need to manually upgrade that Outpost. Proceed with the following steps.
  2. Click the link for the Outpost that displays the out-of-date message.
    You are automatically logged into the BMC Discovery Outpost UI in a new browser tab.
  3. In the BMC Discovery Outpost UI, click the message, An update is available, displayed next to the Outpost Administrator icon.
    The Outpost Configuration page is displayed.

  4. Click Update Now next to the Auto Update list.
    Wait for a few minutes till the upgrade process completes and the banner message An update is available disappears.

See the following video (06:23) which explains how to use the BMC Discovery Outpost. 


For frequently asked questions about the BMC Discovery Outpost, see FAQs.


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