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xpath.evaluate(string, expression)

Returns the result of evaluating the xpath expression against the XML string. Returns a list of strings containing the selected values. The result is always a list, even if the expression is guaranteed to always return just one result.

The expression must be one that returns tag attributes or body text - expressions returning DOM nodes will result in an error that terminates execution of the pattern.

For example, the sample code for opening, reading, and closing a file for the AirWatch.MobileDeviceManagement pattern module is:

if process.cmd matches regex '^\w:' then
      // *filepath_info_start
      // filepath_windows := "<process.cmd>.config"
      // reason := "To get database details"
      // when := "Only if trigger process has fully qualified path"
      // *filepath_info_end
      config_file := discovery.fileGet(host, '%process.cmd%.config');
      if config_file and config_file.content then
          config_file_content_xpath := xpath.openDocument(config_file.content);
          db_name_list := xpath.evaluate(config_file_content_xpath, raw '/configuration/dataConfiguration/@defaultDatabase');
          if db_name_list then
              db_name := db_name_list[0];
              db_connection_list := xpath.evaluate(config_file_content_xpath, '/configuration/connectionStrings/add[@name="%db_name%"]/@connectionString');
              if db_connection_list then
                  db_connection := db_connection_list[0];
                  db_host     := regex.extract(db_connection, regex 'Data Source=([^\\]+)\\', raw '\1');
                  db_instance := regex.extract(db_connection, regex 'Data Source=[^\\]+\\([^;]+);', raw '\1');
                  if db_host and db_instance then
                      if db_host = '(local)' then
                          db_host := 'localhost';
                      end if;
                      db_server_sis := SearchFunctions.getSoftwareNodes(host, node_address := db_host,
                                                                        software_type := "Microsoft SQL Server",
                                                                        instance := db_instance, db_name := db_name);
                      if size(db_server_sis) = 1 then
                          model.uniquerel.Communication(Client := si_node, Server := db_server_sis[0]);
                      end if;
                  end if;
              end if;
          end if;
      end if;
  end if;
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