Viewing a load balancer service

A load balancer service in BMC Discovery represents a virtual server on a load balancer. The total number of services associated with a load balancer is displayed on the load balancer instance page.

  1. From the main menu, select Explore > Data.
    The Infrastructure page opens.
  2. In the Network & Printers section, click Load Balancer Instances.
  3. Select the load balancer instance to view 
  4. On a Load Balancer Instance page, click on the link corresponding to Load Balancer Services to view the Load Balancer Service List page.

The following screen shows a typical example of the Load Balancer Service List page:

The load balancer services are displayed in rows, and the following fields are displayed for each service:

  • Name
  • IP address
  • Port

Click a row to view the corresponding Load Balancer Service page. The following screen shows a typical example of the Load Balancer Service page.


The Load Balancer Service page may display the following:

Field nameDetails
NameThe name of the load balancer service; for example /Common/jp_virtual_server_2.

IP Address

The IP address of the service.
PortThe port service is using.
TypeThe type of load balancer service; for example poolbased.
StateThe status of load balancer service; for example enabled.
Load BalancerThe link to the load balancer instance the service is running on. To see the load balancer instance page, click the corresponding link. For more information, see Viewing load balancer instance.
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