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SQL Result Row node

An SQL Result Row node is a record of arow of data returned when executing a SQL query against a remote database. Therefore any Integration Result node will have one or more SQL Result Rows related to them.

It is the data in the SQL Result Row nodes that is consumed by patterns.

SQL Result Row Lifecycle

The following section describes the scenarios in which an SQL Result Row is created,updated or destroyed.


SQL Result Row nodes are created when the related Integration Result node is created, as the result of running a SQL query.


SQL Result Row nodes are never updated.


SQL Result Rows are removed when the related Integration Result node is destroyed.

SQL Result Row node attributes

There are no pre-defined attributes on SQL Result Row nodes. The reason for this is that the attributes are entirely dynamic and depend on the queries that are being executed. If your SQL query results in many rows with a given number of columns, then each SQL Result Row node will have attributes for each of the columns, the value of which will be the value of the corresponding cell.

SQL Result Row node relationships

The relationships of an SQL Result Row node are described in the following table.






Associated integration result

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