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Release notes and notices

Consult the following table for a list of notices and information about updates to BMC Discovery.


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Related release notes

BMC CMDB Open link

January 10, 202011.3 patch 6

The 11.3 patch 6 release is available on CentOS 7.

This release also resolves a number of defects.

December 20, 201911.3 patch 6

The 11.3 patch 6 release is delivered running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (RHEL 7). It is a separately licensed product intended for customers whose organizations require particular certifications available with RHEL 7, such as Common Criteria Security Certification. 

This release also resolves a number of defects.

May 03, 201911.3 patch 5This release resolves important defects and security vulnerabilities. It also introduces updates to the CyberArk integration, and a feature for restricting the paths on which you can run commands.
November 29, 201811.3 patch 4This release resolves an important defect.
October 30, 201811.3 patch 3This release resolves a number of defects.
July 11, 201811.3 patch 2This release resolves a number of defects.
June 22, 201811.3 patch 1

This release resolves a number of defects.

This release also makes changes to the appliance certificates which require some configuration after installation. See Configuring after upgrade for more information.

March 21, 201811.3

This release of BMC Discovery contains the following enhancements:

  • Discovery of container infrastructure
  • Discovery of Nimble storage devices using their REST APIs
  • Improvements in Software Container and Hardware Container models
  • Synchronization with BMC Remedyforce CMDB
  • Additional options in OS migration
  • Support for discovery of stacked devices
  • Support for discovery of virtual network devices
  • Support for discovery of Nutanix HCI products
  • Improvements in scheduling a discovery run
  • Improvements in modeling and visualization

In addition, there are several notable changes in this release, which include the following:

  • Integration with RSA SecurID authentication is deprecated in this release
  • Reports are contained in monthly Product Content updates

  • The minimum supported version of VMware ESXi for production deployments of BMC Discovery is VMware ESXi 5.5
  • The open source open-vm-tools utility replaces VMware's VMware Tools
  • TPL is updated to version 1.15 with enhanced TPL functions
  • BMC Discovery supports versions 1.1 and earlier of the REST API
  • Purge options for Windows proxies
  • Removal of integration with BMC Atrium Single Sign-On; you should use the integration with Remedy Single Sign-On.
  • Changes to BMC Discovery commands and reports

For additional information, refer to the following topics:

You can only upgrade to version 11.3 patch 1 from version 10.1 and later. For information about supported upgrade versions, see Upgrading.


The permission required to access the CSV and XML API has changed since BMC Discovery 11.0. If upgrading from BMC Discovery 11.0, you must grant the new API access permission (api-access group), or updating group permissions to include the api/access permission for users who require access to the CSV and XML web APIs. Existing integrations will fail if you do not add the permission.

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