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Recreating legacy filters

After upgrade from version 10.1, where filter definitions have not been upgraded automatically, the CMDB Sync page shows a message stating that you must review the filters, and link to the CMDB Sync filtering page where you can do so. This is also shown on the CMDB Sync filter page, along with a further explanatory message and a link to a summary page which shows the legacy filters for review. The message also provides a button which enables you to delete the old configuration once you have created the new filter definitions.

To recreate legacy filters

From the CMDB Sync filtering page, click the review link in the legacy filter definition warning panel. The Component Filter Summary is displayed. The Component Filter Summary lists the filters that have not been upgraded, grouped by root node type. For each one, the filter condition is listed. For example, a single SNMPManagedDevice filter is not upgraded. The condition for this filter is dns_hostname has subword 'tideway'

Recreate this filter in the CMDB Sync filter page. To do this:

  1. From the CMDB Sync filtering page, select the node kind to filter from the drop-down. In this example, select SNMPManaged Device
  2. Select the Only SNMPManagedDevice nodes which match the following conditions are synced to the CMDB radio button.
  3. Enter the condition from the report in the Query Constructor. In this example the DNS Domain is an attribute on a Network Interface.
    1. In the search box of the first column, enter network. Select Network Interface: Network interfaces of this device from the matches displayed.
    2. In the search box of the first column, enter dns. elect DNS Hostname from the matches displayed.
    3. Select contains word from the drop-down in the DNS hostname condition.
    4. Enter tideway in the DNS hostname condition field.
  4. Click Save to save the condition.
  5. Repeat the process for each filter listed in the Component Filter Summary.
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