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Partitions and history

This topic is included for users who are interested in the internal mechanisms used by BMC Discovery to store data.

The datastore is divided into the following default partitions:

  • Audit — used by the auditing system. No user interaction is permitted.
  • Conjecture — used by the Host Grouping system. User interaction is permitted.
  • DDD — used for Directly Discovered Data in the model. User interaction is permitted.
  • Default — the default partition for storing the modelled IT infrastructure. User interaction is permitted.
  • Taxonomy — used to store the taxonomy which is the template defining the nodes, attributes, and relationships used to model networks and applications in the datastore. The taxonomy does not limit you to predefined data, additional kinds can be created too. No user interaction is permitted.
  • _System — used for system tasks. No user interaction is permitted.

The Default and Taxonomy partitions store a history of all changes for all nodes by default. The Default and Taxonomy partitions can be purged by a user with the model/datastore/partition/partitionname/write permission (where partitionname is a named partition or * for all).

History is not recorded for attributes whose names begin with a double underscore, for example __patch_checksum.

Some default reports rely on history being enabled. When any changes are made to a node, they are recorded by default. The changes can be made by any of the following:

  • Automatic changes made by:
    • Reasoning
    • Import tools
  • Changes made through the UI

Changes are stored on the node that has been changed. The following items are stored regarding the change:

  • Date Time — A timestamp for the change.
  • User — The user who made the change. Internal users, such as Reasoning, are recorded as such.
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