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Naming conventions

Data stored in the BMC Discovery datastore should follow these naming conventions:

EntityConventionComments / Exceptions
Node kinds

MixedCase starting with a capital letter.

Node kinds should always be English nouns.

Unless the node kind corresponds to something that looks wrong with an initial capital letter. For example, vSphereIntegrationResult
Relationship Kinds

MixedCase starting with a capital letter.

Relationship kinds should always be English nouns.

It is important to use nouns for relationship kinds so that they make sense in both directions. For example, if you used "Contains" as a relationship kind, it would only read correctly in one direction, whereas "Containment" makes sense in both directions.
RolesMixedCase starting with a capital letter. English nouns.
Attribute nameslower_case_with_underscoresIncoming raw data that has associated attribute names should match the incoming names, even if they do not meet this convention
"Hidden" attributes__lower_case prefixed with two underscoresThese are not shown in UIs by default. For example, __all_ip_addrs is used on Host nodes so that searching for an IP address finds a Host, even though they are primarily stored on IPAddress nodes.
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