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model.anchorRemovalGroup(node, [name])

Specify an anchor node for a named removal group. If a group name is not specified the default name group is used. By default the system associates the group nodes with the trigger node. This means that the trigger node must be an inferred node or it will differ with every invocation of the pattern. If a pattern triggers on a DDD node, you can anchor the group to a specified inferred node.

When you use an anchor in a pattern you must ensure that the same anchor is used on each subsequent invocation of that pattern. If you do not do this, no nodes in the removal group will be deleted.

For example, a pattern triggers on a DiscoveredProcess and creates an SI called dbsi. The following code anchors the group named dbs to the inferred node, the SI called dbsi.

  model.anchorRemovalGroup(dbsi, "dbs");
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