This documentation supports the 11.3 version of BMC Discovery.

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Host Info node

A Host Info node contains information about the kind of host and some of its physical characteristics. If BMC Discovery decides that there is not sufficient information available to create a Host node, the Host Info node captures and stores the available information.

Host Info Lifecycle

The following section describes the scenarios in which a Host Info node is created or destroyed. DDD nodes are never updated.


Whenever BMC Discovery scans an IP address, a Discovery Access node is created. If there is any response to the scan a Host Info node is also created. The level of information in the Host Info node varies depending on the discovered device.


A Host Info node is removed when the Discovery Access node which it is associated with has been destroyed through the Aging process.

Host Info node attributes

The attributes and relationships of a Host Info node are described in the table below.

UI Name
Attribute Name and Type
or Relationship → Target


Discovery Method
discovery_method string

Discovery method.

Discovery Duration
discovery_duration int

Time in seconds spent in discovery.

Request Time
request_time date

When this request was made.

Failure Reason
failure_reason string

Reason for failure, if any.

hostid string

Unique Host identification string.

Uptime Days
uptime int

The time in days since the host was booted.

Uptime Seconds
uptimeSeconds int

The time in seconds since the host was booted.

DF Output
df string

Output from UNIX df command.

Discovered Kernel
kernel string

Kernel details.

Not displayed in UI
probed_os string

Operating system derived from discovery heuristics.

Not displayed in UI
probed_os_type string

Operating system type derived from discovery heuristics.

Not displayed in UI
probed_os_version string

Operating system version derived from discovery heuristics.

Number of Processors
num_processors int

The number of physical processors.

Processor Type
processor_type string

The type of each processor.

Processor Speed
processor_speed int

The speed of each processor in MHz.

Number of Logical Processors
num_logical_processors int

The number of logical processors available to the OS.

Cores per Processor
cores_per_processor int

The number of cores per physical processor available to the OS.

Threads per Processor Core
threads_per_core int

The number of threads per core in multi/hyper threaded processors available to the OS.

CPU Threading Enabled
cpu_threading_enabled boolean

Whether CPU hardware threading is enabled.

Number of Processor Types
num_processor_types int

The number of physical processor types.

All Processor Types
all_processor_types _list:string

List of all processor types.

All Processor Speeds
all_processor_speeds _list:int

List of all processor speeds.

Logical Processor Counts
all_processor_logical_counts _list:int

List of logical processor counts.

Physical Processor Counts
all_processor_physical_counts _list:int

List of physical processor counts.

Logical RAM
logical_ram int

Amount of RAM (in MB) available on the host, as reported by OS.

Physical RAM
ram int

The amount of RAM (in MB) installed on the host.

E10K SSP Hostname
ssphostname string

E10K SSP Hostname.

SunFire Domain
sunfire_domain string

F15K SunFire domain.

zonename string

Solaris 10 Zonename.

Windows Workgroup
workgroup string

Windows workgroup.

Hardware Vendor
vendor string

Hardware vendor.

model string

Hardware model.

Serial Number
serial string

Serial number.

Windows UUID
windows_uuid string

Windows UUID.

Power Supply Status
psu_status list:string

Power Supply Unit status.

Cluster Instance ID
cluster_instance_id string

Cluster instance identifier.

Cluster Name
cluster_name string

Cluster name.

Cluster Name Resource
cluster_name_resource string

Cluster name resource.

LPAR Active CPUs In Pool
lpar_active_cpus_in_pool int

The maximum number of CPUs available to this LPAR's shared processor pool.

LPAR Active Physical CPUs In System
lpar_active_physical_cpus_in_system int

The current number of active physical CPUs in the system containing this LPAR.

LPAR Capacity Increment
lpar_capacity_increment float

The granule at which changes to Entitled Capacity can be made. A value in whole multiples indicates a Dedicated LPAR.

LPAR Entitled Capacity
lpar_entitled_capacity float

The number of processing units this LPAR is entitled to receive.

LPAR Entitled Capacity Of Pool
lpar_entitled_capacity_of_pool float

The number of processing units that this LPAR's shared processor pool is entitled to receive.

LPAR Maximum Capacity
lpar_maximum_capacity float

The maximum number of processing units this LPAR was defined to ever have. Entitled capacity can be increased up to this value.

LPAR Maximum Capacity Of Pool
lpar_maximum_capacity_of_pool int

The maximum number of processing units available to this LPAR's shared processor pool.

LPAR Maximum Memory
lpar_maximum_memory int

Maximum possible amount of memory.

LPAR Maximum Physical CPUs In System
lpar_maximum_physical_cpus_in_system int

The maximum possible number of physical CPUs in the system containing this LPAR.

LPAR Maximum Virtual CPUs
lpar_maximum_virtual_cpus int

Maximum possible number of CPUs (virtual engines).

LPAR Minimum Capacity
lpar_minimum_capacity float

The minimum number of processing units this LPAR was defined to ever have. Entitled capacity can be reduced down to this value.

LPAR Minimum Memory
lpar_minimum_memory int

Minimum memory this LPAR was defined to ever have.

LPAR Minimum Virtual CPUs
lpar_minimum_virtual_cpus int

Minimum number of virtual CPUs this LPAR was defined to ever have.

lpar_mode string

Indicates whether the LPAR processor capacity is capped, or if it is uncapped and allowed to consume idle cycles from the shared pool. Dedicated LPAR is capped or donating.

LPAR Node Name
lpar_node_name string

Hostname of the LPAR.

LPAR Online Memory
lpar_online_memory int

The amount of memory currently online (in MB).

LPAR Online Virtual CPUs
lpar_online_virtual_cpus int

Number of CPUs (virtual engines) currently online.

LPAR Group Identifier
lpar_partition_group_id int

LPAR group that this LPAR is a member of.

lpar_partition_name string

Logical partition name as assigned by the HMC.

LPAR Identifier
lpar_partition_number int

Number of the logical partition.

LPAR Physical CPU Percentage
lpar_physical_cpu_percentage float

Fractional representation relative to whole physical CPUs that these LPARs virtual CPUs equate to. This is a function of Entitled Capacity / Online CPUs. Dedicated LPARs would have 100% Physical CPU Percentage. A 4-way virtual with Entitled Capacity of 2 processor units would have a 50% physical CPU Percentage.

LPAR Shared Physical CPUs In System
lpar_shared_physical_cpus_in_system int

The number of physical CPUs available for use by shared processor LPARs.

LPAR Shared Pool Identifier
lpar_shared_pool_id int

Identifier of Shared Pool of Physical processors that this LPAR is a member.

lpar_type string

LPAR type: dedicated or shared, SMT enabled or not.

LPAR Unallocated Capacity
lpar_unallocated_capacity float

The sum of the number of processor units unallocated from shared LPARs in an LPAR group. This sum does not include the processor units unallocated from a dedicated LPAR, which can also belong to the group. The unallocated processor units can be allocated to any dedicated LPAR (if it is greater than or equal to 1.0) or shared LPAR of the group.

LPAR Unallocated Weight
lpar_unallocated_weight int

Number of variable processor capacity weight units currently unallocated within the LPAR group.

LPAR Variable Capacity Weight
lpar_variable_capacity_weight int

The priority weight assigned to this LPAR which controls how extra (idle) capacity is allocated to it. A weight of -1 indicates a soft cap is in place.

WPAR Identifier
wparid int

The identifier (key) of the AIX WPAR. An identifier of 0 indicates that the system is the WPAR container.

System Identifier
systemid string

An identifier that links all the AIX/VIO LPARs in a physical system (including WPARs).

LPAR Desired Entitled Capacity
lpar_desired_capacity float

Desired entitled CPU capacity for LPAR.

LPAR Desired Memory
lpar_desired_memory int

Desired amount of main memory for LPAR in MB.

LPAR Desired CPUs
lpar_desired_cpus int

Desired number of virtual processors for LPAR.

LPAR Minimum Capacity per Virtual Processor
lpar_minimum_capacity_per_vp float

Minimum entitled capacity required per virtual processor for LPAR.

Not displayed in UI
command_status_failure boolean

Flag that this node has command failures linked to it.

Not displayed in UI
method_failure boolean

Flag that this node has script failures linked to it.

Not displayed in UI
method_success string

The name of the script that succeeded in getting this data.

Access Method
access_method string

The access method used by the script that succeeded in getting this data.

Host Info node relationships

The relationships of a Host Info node are described in the table below.

UI name



Discovery Access


Related Discovery Access.

Requesting Pattern


Pattern from which the request to retrieve this information originate.



Inferred Host.

File System


Inferred FileSystem.

Script Command Errors


Script command errors.

Script Execution Errors


Script execution errors.

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