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Hardware Reference Data page

The Hardware Reference Data page provides information about the physical and thermal characteristics of the hardware.

You can access the Hardware Reference Data page from the Hardware and Network section of a Host page by clicking any of the links in the Hardware Reference Data section.

Information fields for a typical host

Field name


Hardware Vendor

The name of the hardware vendor.

Hardware Model

The hardware model name.

Known Hardware Model Names

Any other names by which this hardware is known.

Processor Type

The processor type

Number of Processors

The number of physical processors in the hardware.

Maximum RAM

The maximum amount of RAM supported by this hardware.

Rack Unit (RU)

The size of the hardware.

Power Capacity (VA)

The input power capacity measured in Volt Amperes.

Power Capacity (W)

The input power capacity measured in Watts.

BTU per hour

Thermal output measured in BTUs.

Power Capacity VA per RU

The input power capacity measured in Volt Amperes, per Rack Unit.

Power Capacity W per RU

The input power capacity measured in Watts, per Rack Unit.

BTU per hour per RU

Thermal output measured in BTUs, per Rack Unit.


A link to the host or a list of all hosts using this hardware.

New Hardware Reference data can be imported into BMC Discovery by an administrator. For more information, see Importing Hardware Reference Data.

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