Engine performance

In BMC Discovery, each ECA engine provides information about how much work it is doing. On the Appliance Performance page, the work that the ECA engines are doing is presented graphically.

When viewing a cluster, you can choose to view the ECA engine performance for the cluster as a whole, or for individual machines in the cluster.

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To view the appliance performance page

  1. From the main menu, click the Administration iconThe Administration page opens.
  2. From the Appliance section, click Performance.
    The Appliance Performance page displays the Engines tab.
  3. Select the date for which you want to view the performance data, from the Date drop-down selector.
  4. If you are viewing a cluster, you can also select individual machines or the whole cluster from the View drop-down selector.

The Engine Statistics chart shows the event queue size and the number of events processed since midnight.

The absolute values are useful for historical comparison, or for comparison with other instances of BMC Discovery. They might be useful as supporting information when diagnosing problems.

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