This documentation supports the 11.3 version of BMC Discovery.

To view an earlier version of the product, select the version from the Product version menu.

Editing database credentials

This section explains how to view, edit, and delete the details for an existing database credential.

To edit database credentials

  1. From the navigation bar, click Manage > Credentials.
  2. Click the Databases tab.
    The following screen illustrates the Database Credentials page.

    The credentials are shown in color-coded boxes. The colors represent the level of login success achieved with that credential:

    • Green — 100% success rate.
    • Yellow — partial success.
    • Blue — the credential has never been used.
    • Red — 0% success rate.
  3. From the database line entry in the table, you can perform the following:
    • To view a database credential, click Actions > View for the specific credential. 
      The Details page is displayed for the database that you selected. 
    • To edit a database credential, perform the following steps: 
      1. Click Actions > View for the specific credential.
      2. On the Details page, click the Credentials tab and select the the credential that you want to edit. 
      3. From the top-right corner on the Credential Details page, click Edit
      4. Update the details for the credentials as required, and click Apply.
    • To delete a database line entry, click Actions > Delete.

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