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discovery.wmiQuery(target, query, namespace)

Performs a WMI query on a Windows computer. Returns a list of DiscoveredWMI nodes.


  • target – the endpoint being scanned. In this case, a Windows computer.
  • query – the WMI query performed on the target
  • namespace – the WMI namespace to query, for example, root/cimv2. Used with the class_name to identify objects of interest.

The following sample code from the Adobe.AcrobatElementsServer pattern module shows the usage of the function:

        wmiNS := raw 'root\CIMV2';
end constants;

         host := model.host(process);
         // WMI query versioning
         cmd := text.replace(process.cmd, "\\", "\\\\");
         wmiQuery := "SELECT Version FROM CIM_DataFile where Name='%cmd%'";
         wmi_results := discovery.wmiQuery(host, wmiQuery, wmiNS);
end body;
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