This documentation supports the 11.3 version of BMC Discovery.

To view an earlier version of the product, select the version from the Product version menu.


discovery.vSphereGetProperties(target, vsphere_type, vsphere_id, ["property", "property", ...])

Queries to retrieve properties from a given MOR and returns the requested properties for each object found.The required parameters are:

  • target - the ESX/ESXi node if discovering using vSphere or via vCenter, or the vCenter node if discovering information about the vCenter server.
  • vsphere_type - a vSphere managed object name specified in the VMware documentation. For example, Folder, Datacenter, ComputeResource, ResourcePool, or HostSystem.

  • vsphere_id - MOR (managed object reference). The type and id together uniquely identify a managed object in the system we are communicating with.

  • properties - List of properties to retrieve. Each must be simple type (string, int, boolean, and so on), no objects, or lists.

This code example shows retrieving scsiLun data properties from a storage device:

discovery.vSphereGetProperties(host, "HostSystem", host_id, ["config.storageDevice.scsiLun[\"%disk_info.key%\"].deviceName", "config.storageDevice.scsiLun[\"%disk_info.key%\"].capabilities.updateDisplayNameSupported"])
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