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discovery.listRegistry(target, key_path [, win64_redirect=true|false]) — (8.1 and later )

Returns a list of the registry entries of the registry key specified by the key_path.

64 bit Windows hosts have the following registry keys:

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node — 32 bit values

win64_redirect is an optional flag which enables you to specify whether the search for the registry entries should take place in the 32 bit section if not found in the 64 bit section. TRUE means search the 32 bit section, FALSE means do not search the 32 bit section if the registry entries are not found in the 64 bit section. The default is TRUE.

On non-Windows and 32 bit Windows systems win64_redirect has no effect.

The win64_redirect flag is new in 8.2.

Returns a list of DiscoveredRegistryEntry nodes. If the call fails, it returns none and records the failure reason in the RegistryListing node.

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