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Configuring CMDB synchronization through a private queue

Depending on what other integration components (for example, Atrium Integrator, Reconciliation, Normalization) are running on the BMC Remedy AR server to which BMC Discovery is syncing, there may be a performance benefit to those applications and the sync process from setting up a private queue configuration.

By default BMC Discovery uses the BMC Atrium CMDB API RPC Queue (390696), which is also the default queue for other integration components. By configuring BMC Discovery to use one of the private Atrium queues (currently 390698 and 390699 - which are also used for Reconciliation and Normalization CMDB API calls respectively), it may be possible to improve the performance of other components.

The "private" queue is actually a queue shared with Reconciliation or Normalization, so it is especially important to avoid running manual or scheduled Reconciliation and Normalization jobs at the same time as BMC Discovery synchronizing. Failure to do so could result in these operations completing in indeterminate order, for example data being reconciled to the Asset dataset before being normalized. When populating datasets for the first time, the recommended workflow is to manually run Normalization and Reconciliation jobs following an initial sync, then configure inline normalization as well as continuous reconciliation from that point on (see the BMC Atrium Core documentation for further details). The best queue to share depends on the amount and timing of activity for each of these three components on the system being configured.

Use the following procedures to manage private queues for CMDB synchronization:

Configuring a private queue

To start CMDB synchronization using a private queue, complete the following steps:

  • Configure the use of a private queue on the BMC Remedy AR Server
  • Configure BMC Discovery to use a private queue


Ensure that you avoid a hybrid configuration, where private queues are enabled on the BMC Discovery appliance but not on the AR server, and the reverse.

To configure the use of private queues on the BMC Remedy AR Server

  1. Ensure the following ports appear on the Server Information > Ports and Queues page:
    • 390698
    • 390681
    • 390699
  2. From the Server Configuration Editor dialog  in the Reconciliation application, set the RPC Socket attribute to 390698.
  3. From the System Configuration tab in the Normalization Configuration Editor, set the following attributes as in the following example:

    AR RPC Queue390681
    CMDB RPC Queue390699


  4. Restart the BMC Remedy AR Server

Configure BMC Discovery to use a private queue

When you create or edit a CMDB sync connection in the UI, you can enter the required private RPC queue port in Specify RPC Queue. The following ports are available:

  • 390696 (the default, which is also used by CMDB for various tasks)
  • 390698 (used by Reconciliation)
  • 390699 (used by Normalization)

See Setting up a CMDB synchronization connection for information on adding connections.

To specify that a CMDB sync connection uses the default queue, either enter 390696, or leave the Specify RPC Queue field empty.

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