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Collaborative application mapping

The BMC Discovery application mapping guide is intended for anyone who wants to use BMC Discovery to map applications in their estate. This guide describes the application mapping methodology, how to gather and organize data and collaborate on a mapping prototype, and how BMC Discovery generates and maintains the resultant application map.


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Learn the concepts of Collaborative Application Mapping (CAM).

Introduction to Collaborative Application Mapping

Understand the workflow of CAM and the roles that support personnel play in the process.

Find out some hosts and technologies involved in the application.

Gathering seed data

With very little input from the application owner, be able to begin searching and investigating the BMC Discovery datastore for clues about the application.

Use the seed data as a starting point to search the datastore for the software and hardware components that support the application.

Searching and investigating the datastore

Find your application without additional help from the application owner.

Build a static prototype application map.

Creating the prototype application map

Arrange the components found earlier into a manual application map to share with the application owner.

Finalize and share the prototype application map with the application owner.

Sharing the prototype application map

Obtain feedback on the application prototype to be able to build it out further.

Build the dynamic map of the application.

Mapping the application

Enables you to establish rules so that BMC Discovery can build and maintain the application map automatically.

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