This documentation supports the 11.3 version of BMC Discovery.

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Changing the appliance hostname

The netadmin user is the preferred way of configuring networking

The preferred way of administering any of the appliance network configuration is to use the netadmin user account. The netadmin user account enables you to change network, hostname and gateway settings without requiring root privileges. You can also use the netadmin user to reboot the appliance.


Diagnosing hostname problems

Some issues are indicative of incorrectly configured hostnames.

Visualizations and export do not display

This problem can be identified if you see a 500 Error - Internal Server Error! page in the user interface (UI) when attempting to load visualizations. You will also see the following error message in $TIDEWAY/tomcat/logs/catalina.out: local_hostname: local_hostname

where, local_hostname is the hostname set on the computer.

To resolve this problem, see the previous section, Setting the hostname locally.

Cannot access the UI — 500 internal server error

This error can have many causes, as it results from one or more of the tideway services failing to start. A common cause however is that localhost cannot be resolved. If this is the case errors of the following form are displayed when restarting the tideway services.

[current date/time] [error] couldn't resolve WKServer address
[current date/time] [error] Couldn't resolve hostname for WebKit Server

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