This documentation supports the 11.2 version of BMC Discovery.

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Viewing a hardware container

A hardware container object in BMC Discovery represents a single physical device which contains multiple hosts, network devices and other components. For example, a blade enclosure which is discovered via a management controller, or a hardware container for logical hosts such as a Oracle (Sun) StarFire system.

The enclosure is discovered when a management controller is discovered using SNMP. This is modeled as a Management Controller node. The creation of a Management Controller node triggers an additional pattern, which creates the hardware container node, collects additional information about the contents of the enclosure, and triggers further patterns to relate the components.

Blade enclosures are typically hardware containers which contain a number of physical hosts, a management controller, and various network modules such as network and/or SAN switches.

In Oracle (Sun) StarFire systems, a single hardware device is partitioned into a number of logical hosts. The existence of the hardware device can be inferred from the details of the logical hosts, but it is never directly seen as a network connected device.

Some hardware containers, such as the Sun Blade 6000 system, may need to be scanned twice before all relationships are created.

The following topics are covered in this section:

To view a hardware container

  1. From the main menu, select Explore > Data.
    The Infrastructure page opens.
  2. In the Hosts & Containers section, click Hardware Container.
  3. Select a hardware container from the list, as illustrated in the following screen.

The following table describes the information fields for a typical hardware container.

Field name



Name of this host container; for example lon-m100e-02


The type of host container; for example Blade Enclosure.


The model name of this host container; for example PowerEdge M1000e.

Serial Number

The serial number of this host container; for example 417P95J.

Hardware Vendor

The hardware vendor name of this host container; for example Dell.

Host Members

Links to host pages of the hosts contained in the blade enclosure.

Network Device Members

Links to any network device blades contained in the blade enclosure.

SNMP Managed Device Members

Links to any SNMP managed devices contained in the blade enclosure; typically, the management controller.


The pattern used to discover the blade enclosure and its contents.


Links to pages for the hosts, network devices, and SNMP managed devices contained in the blade enclosure.

Data Completeness Issues

List of any missing fields.

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