Saving and sharing queries

In BMC Discovery, you can use queries to search a datastore and to create reports and patterns. You can also save queries and reuse them or share them with other users.

This topic provides the following information about sharing a query:

Saving a query

You can save a query through Explore > Query option or through the Query > Constructor option. You can mark the query Favorite, by checking the favorite check box. The saved queries are listed on the User Queries tab. For more information about queries, see Working with queries.

Sharing a saved query

To share queries, perform the following steps:

  1. After you have saved the query, the saved query is stored on User Queries tab.
    Under My Queries, list of Saved queries is displayed.
  2. Select one(or more) saved queries that you want to share.
  3. To share the selected queries, expand the Actions menu, select Share.

    The list of shared queries is now available under Shared Queries.

List of shared queries under Shared Queries

Unsharing a query

To unshare a query, perform following steps:

  1. Select the query that you need to unshare. Then from the Actions menu, select Unshare. The query is now unshared.
    The query is now removed from Shared Queries.

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