This documentation supports the 11.2 version of BMC Discovery.

To view an earlier version of the product, select the version from the Product version menu.

Setting up ports for OS fingerprinting

BMC Discovery maintains a list of the port numbers that it interrogates. These ports are scanned only if the Use IP Fingerprinting to Identify OS option is enabled. For more information about this option, see Configuring discovery settings.

If you want to set up additional ports, you must enter this here (for example, if you use a nonstandard port number).

The following topics are covered in this section:

To set up port settings

  1. To locate the Port Scanning page, navigate to the Discovery Configuration page in the Discovery section of the Administration tab. Next to the Use IP Fingerprinting to Identify OS option, you will find the Configure Port Scanning link.
  2. For the Port Scanning page, from the main menu, click the Administration icon.
    The Administration page opens.  
  3. In the Discovery section, click Discovery Configuration.
    Next to the Use IP Fingerprinting to Identify OS, option, you will find the Configure Port Scanning link.
    The Port Scanning page opens. Any currently configured ports are listed.
  4. Edit the port settings:
    • To create a new port value, click Add.
      An additional entry row is displayed at the end of the table.
    • To amend an existing value, click Edit for that entry.
    • To remove an entry, click Delete.
  5. Set up the values as follows:

    Field Name



    Port number to be used.


    Name of application.


    Free-text description of the application.

    TCP Enabled

    Select this check box if TCP uses this port assignment.

    UDP Enabled

    Select this check box if UDP uses this port assignment.


    If a nonstandard port has been used, enter the reason.

  6. To save the new or changed details, click OK.
  7. To remove the lock and allow other users to edit the settings, click Apply.
    If you click Cancel at this point, any changes you have made are discarded.

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