This documentation supports the 11.1 version of BMC Discovery.

To view an earlier version of the product, select the version from the Product version menu.

Importing Hardware Reference Data

Hardware Reference Data (HRD) provides the following vendor specification data:

  • Rack unit size
  • Power W
  • Power VA
  • Heat Output BTU

Importing HRD into BMC Discovery enables customers to associate discovered systems with physical assets and to report about both directly from BMC Discovery.

Importing a Hardware Reference Data file

  1. From the main menu, click the Administration icon.

    The Administration page opens.

  2.  In the Model, section, click HRD Import.
    The following table describes the options on the Import Hardware Reference Data page.


    Field Name


    File To Upload

    The file to upload. Click Browse... to display a file browser window.
    Select the file to import and click Open. See #File Format for details on the format of HRD files.


    To update, create, or delete existing HRD, select one of the following options from the list:

    Create—Import records that do not already exist, but does not change records already imported.

    Update—Use only when nonkey fields in an existing record must be updated. Key fields are vendor, model, and config_num_processors. Update finds all imported records that match existing data and updates with the imported values. New records in the imported data are not created. If you need to change a key field, you must first delete the existing records and then create new records.

    Create and Update—Perform both of the actions previously described.

    Delete—Use to delete records selectively. All imported records that match an existing record cause the existing record to be removed. Existing records that do not appear in the import set are not deleted.

    The HRD patterns automatically recreate the HRD nodes; you do not have to rescan the hosts.

    Logging Level

    Choose the logging level from the list. This can be Debug, Info, Warning, Error, or Critical.

  3. Click Apply.

File format

You can import csv files, which must have a heading row specifying the HRD node attributes; for example:

Sun Microsystems,Sun Fire V440,"['Sun Fire V440','SUNW,Sun Fire V440']",4,UltraSPARC-IIIi,32768,4,908,636,2172,227,159,543
Sun Microsystems,Sun Fire 280R,['Sun Fire 280R'],2,UltraSPARC-III+,4096,4,454,318,1086,114,80,272
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