This documentation supports the 11.1 version of BMC Discovery.

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Connecting to DB2 databases

You can use BMC Discovery to connect to IBM DB2 databases, although some additional configuration is required beyond what is required for the other supported databases.

To configure a connection to a DB2 database

To configure a connection to a DB2 database, create a custom properties file and copy it, along with DB2 JAR and license files, to the appliance. For more information, see Adding new JDBC drivers.

Example properties file: DB2 driver
translation.sid=System ID (SID)
translation.endpoint=Database IP Address
download.label=Driver download page at
download.notes=An IBM Account is required.
  1. Create the properties file and save it as
  2. Copy the file to the /usr/tideway/data/custom/jdbcdrivers directory on the appliance.
  3. Copy the DB2 JAR file db2jcc.jar to the /usr/tideway/data/custom/jdbcdrivers directory.
  4. Copy the DB2 license JAR file (for example, db2jcc_license_cu.jar) to the /usr/tideway/java/integrations/lib directory.
  5. Restart the Tideway service.

Supporting new databases types

After you add the JDBC driver, you must create a custom pattern with a query definition block. The activation of this pattern allows the creation of credentials for the new database group specified in the custom pattern.

Installing DB2 license jar onto a cluster

Files placed in /usr/tideway/java/integrations/lib are not automatically distributed around a cluster. If you use a cluster, you must manually copy the DB2 license jars to this directory on each cluster member.

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