Using View Object pages

A View Object page is displayed when you click a linked object from a List page or another View Object page. It displays more detailed information about the selected object, such as the attributes of the object and its relationships with other objects. Relationships to other objects are indicated by a highlighted hyperlink. When you click one of these links, the View Object page of the linked object is displayed. For advanced users who want to understand the BMC Discovery model in greater detail, see the following information about the model.


Only those attributes and relationships of the object that have been set appear. Unknown attributes are not displayed.

What you can do from a View Object page

  • Show the provenance of an object by clicking Show Provenance.
  • View the history of the object by selecting History from the Actions menu. See Comparing the history of nodes.
  • Compare the object to other like objects by selecting Compare To... from the Actions menu.
    See Node to Node Comparison.
  • Destroy the object by selecting Destroy from the menu. See Destroying data.
  • Display details of a related object by clicking a hyperlink.
    The View Object page of the selected object is displayed.
  • Display a software and infrastructure view (a view that shows the object in the context of the model, with all related objects).

BMC Discovery data is read-only

BMC recommends that you do not edit any nodes, because your edited version will not be retained by BMC Discovery. However, if you need to enable the Edit facility, contact your BMC Discovery Administrator.

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