Editing credentials

For every credential that you create, you can view, edit, or delete it. You can view the credentials on the main tab of a credential type page, for example, the Device tab. The credentials are checked in sequence, and the first matching entry is used. After a working credential is found, no further credentials are checked. If you want to reorder login credentials, drag the credential to the required position in the list.

Accessing credentials 

On Device Credentials page, the system displays the total number of device credentials on the top-right corner, as displayed in the illustration in the previous section. The device credentials by each access method is listed in the table. However, you can change the type and number of device credentials displayed on the main page by using the filter option. The following table explains the various ways using which you can perform actions for any credential.

ActionMethods of performing the action
ViewClick on the credential line item in the table.
  • Click on the credential line item.
  • Select Edit from the Action list for the specific credential.
DeleteSelect Delete from the Action list for the specific credential.
DisableSelect Disable from the Action list for the specific credential.
  • Click All to view all credentials.
  • Select an option from the Quick Filter list.
  • Click the Invert button to view the opposite of the existing search criteria.
  • Enter a specific IP address in the IP field and click Filter.

The following topics are covered in this section:

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