Candidate software instances

Where some processes are not identified by patterns, but BMC Discovery has determined that the process is involved in interesting communication, it creates a Candidate Software Instance to represent the process. When you create an SI from a candidate SI, all matching candidate SIs in the current view are converted, and the system creates and activates a pattern to do the same. After the pattern is activated, it converts all matching candidate SIs in the datastore. As the pattern is not yet created when the candidate SIs in the UI are being converted, there is no relationship to a maintaining pattern. This is updated once the pattern has been created and activated, though may take some time.

To create an SI from a candidate SI

You would only ever need to create an SI from a candidate SI in the context of application modeling. Where you need to create an SI from a candidate SI, for example, it is the link between parts of the application, use this procedure:

  1. Right click the candidate SI and select Create Software Instance from the popup menu. The Define Software Instance Pattern dialog displays.
  2. Enter the following information:
    • Type—the type of SI to create. This is pre-populated with the name of the candidate SI.
    • Publisher—the publisher of the software.
    • Category—select the software category from the drop-down list. This determines the location of the SI pattern in the tree on the Knowledge management page.
    • Clustering—if the SI can run on a cluster, select Software Instance may run on a cluster.
    • Attribute—to add a custom attribute click Attribute.
      Enter the attribute details in name/value pairs. You can add as many attributes as needed. Attribute names must start with a letter or underscore and can only contain ASCII letters, numbers, and underscores.
  3. To create the SI, click Create.

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