Viewing a subnet

A subnet object in BMC Atrium Discovery represents a subnet, identified by an IP address range. Host systems are associated with a subnet. All subnet objects are set up automatically by the BMC Atrium Discovery process.

To view a subnet

  1. Click the Subnets link in the Infrastructure Summary section of the Infrastructure page.
  2. Select a subnet from the list.
    This screen illustrates a typical example of the Subnets page.

The information fields for a typical Subnet are detailed in the following table.

Field name


IP Range

Range of IP addresses.


Interfaces discovered on the subnet. The headers can be used to sort the interface list.

Data Completeness Issues

List of any missing fields.

Primary Data Provenance

Displayed only when showing provenance data


To run subnet reports

A number of context-sensitive reports are available for subnets. See Subnet Reports for further information and examples of these subnet-related reports.

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