Viewing a storage device

A Storage device in BMC Atrium Discovery represents a storage chassis that has been discovered by a scan of its embedded WBEM/SMI-S provider. 

To view a storage device

  1. In the drop-down Search box, click Advanced Search. The Advanced Search box is displayed in the main frame.
  2. Select Storage Devices in the Infrastructure panel.
  3. Click Search.
    • If one storage device is found, then its page is displayed.
    • If multiple storage devices are found, they are listed. Click the one that you want to view.

A typical example of a discovered storage device is illustrated in the following screen.

The information fields for a discovered storage device are arranged in the following groups:

Field name



The name of the storage device. For example, tw_cluster-SAN.


The storage device vendor, for example, IBM.


The model name, for example, IBM Storwize V3700.

Serial Number

The storage device serial number, for example, 000000C02020230C.

OS ClassThe operating system class, for example, Embedded.
OS TypeThe operating system type, for example, IBM SVC Embedded SMI-S Provider. Or for NetApp devices, Data ONTAP".
OS VersionThe operating system version, for example,
OS VendorThe operating system vendor, for example IBM.


A link to and details of the storage system that this storage device is part of. The following details are provided:

  • Name    
  • Type    
  • Storage Access Mechanisms    
  • Vendor    
  • Model    
  • Serial Number    
  • World Wide Node Name    
  • Number of Pools    
  • Number of Volumes    
  • Number of Disk Drives    
  • Number of FC Ports    
  • Number of File Systems
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