Viewing a software instance

A software instance object in BMC Atrium Discovery represents an instance of a software entity running in the environment. This often corresponds to one or more processes running on a host.

To view a software instance

To view a software instance, click the Software Instance link in the Infrastructure Summary section of the Infrastructure page and select a Software Instance from the list.

The information fields for a typical Software Instance are detailed in the following table.

Field name



Name of this software instance.


Type of software instance.

Configipedia Page

Associated Configipedia page link for this software instance. See #What is Configipedia? below.

Instance Count

Number of identical software instances.

Full Version

The version of the software plus the build number.

Product Version

The version of the software.


The host on which this software is running.

Contains Software Components

Software components that this software instance contains.

Part of Application

The application that this software instance is a part of.


Links to the details node for the software instance.

Maintaining Pattern

The pattern used to create the software instance.

Primary processes

The primary process that identifies this software.

Data Completeness Issues

List of any missing fields.

What is Configipedia?

Configipedia is BMC's community website that facilitates knowledge sharing around BMC Atrium Discovery software patterns, how they function and the real world issues they help address. Configipedia also provides visibility of the Technology Knowledge Update release schedule and contents.

A link to Configipedia is provided for Software Instance nodes and Business Application Instance nodes that are maintained by BMC Atrium Discovery software patterns. See Viewing an application instance. There is also a link to Configipedia provided in the detailed Pattern Module lists in the Knowledge Management section of the Discovery tab. See Viewing and editing a pattern module for more information.

To run software instance reports

A number of context-sensitive reports are available for software instances. See Software Instance Reports for further information and examples of these SI-related reports.

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