Viewing a load balancer member

The load balancer member in BMC Atrium Discovery represents a physical server that acts as a provider of a service available to a load balancer.

You can find a load balancer member either in Load Balancers Members reports, or in a Load Balancer Instance page. 

  • Click the Infrastructure tab, and then:

    • For the Load Balancer Members not linked to a Host report, click Load Balancer Members not linked to a Host in the Load Balancer Reports section.
    • For the Load Balancer Members not linked to software report, click Load Balancer Members not linked to software in the Load Balancer Reports section.
    • For the load balancer instance:
      • Click Load Balancer Instances in the Infrastructure Summary section.
      • Select a load balancer instance from the list.
      • In Configuration section, click on the link in a Members column.

Following is a typical example of the Load Balancer Member List page:

The load balancer members are displayed in rows and the following fields are displayed for each member:

  • IP address
  • Port
  • Host

Click on a row to view the corresponding Load Balancer Member page. Following is a typical example of the Load Balancer Member page:


The Load Balancer Member page may display the following:

Field name


NameName of the Load Balancer Member. For example, /Common/

IP Address

The IP address of the service. For example,
PortThe port that the service is using. For example, 135.
PoolsThe list of links to the Load Balancer Pools that the Load Balancer Member is in.To see the load balancer pool page, click the corresponding link. For more information, see Viewing load balancer pool.
HostThe link to the host that implements the service.
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