Using SSH keys

You can attach an SSH key to any credential using the SSH access method.

BMC Atrium Discovery supports only RSA2 and DSA private keys for certificate-based authentication. For hosts that only support SSH v1, you must use credentials for authentication.

When using SSH keys, the appliance must identify itself to discovery targets so must use the private key. It is strongly recommended that you protect the private key with a strong passphrase. When they are uploaded to the appliance, the key and the passphrase are stored in the credential vault.

If the attempted login is unsuccessful using the SSH key, the credential falls back and attempts to login using the configured username and password.

It is important to configure a user name and password even when an SSH key is to be used. When privileged command execution is required, that password is used in the command, for example sudo password command.

After the key is stored in the credential vault, it is encrypted and cannot be recovered from the vault. You are strongly recommended to keep copies of private keys in secure storage according to your local security guidelines.

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  1. Yanick Girouard

    Would it be possible to detail all the steps (commands, and all) that need to be done in order to generate a proper key pair for the appliance ? This document is rather incomplete if you don't already understand how that feature works. Thanks !

    Aug 05, 2016 11:03