Testing credentials

This topic provides information about testing discovery credentials for both devices and mainframes:

Accessing credential tests

You can test discovery credentials using the Credential Tests page or Mainframe Credential Tests page. To access these pages:

  1. From the secondary navigation bar on the Discovery tab, click Credentials.
  2. Open the necessary section:
    • For Credential Tests, click Devices.
    • For Mainframe Credential Tests, click Management System.
  3. Click Credential Tests or Mainframe Credential Tests.
    The (mainframe) credential tests page is displayed:

Example of the device credential tests:
Credential Tests page.

Example of t
he mainframe credential tests:

Managing credential tests

The Credential Tests page and Mainframe Credential Tests page display the credential tests that are currently in progress and the tests run in the last ten minutes. You can delete completed tests, or run them again. However, you cannot cancel tests that are currently in progress. You can also test whether credentials exist for any IP address on your network.

  • To delete a credential test, in the Actions list of that test, click Delete.
  • To run a credential test again, in the Actions list of that test, click Retry.

Testing credentials for an arbitrary IP Address

You can test whether BMC Atrium Discovery can access any device or mainframe IP address on your network. You do not need to have previously scanned the IP address. This way you can see whether any of your existing device/mainframe credentials or Windows proxies allows you to access this IP. 

 To test device/mainframe credentials for an arbitrary IP Address, perform the following:

  1. From the (Mainframe) Credential Test page, click Test IP Access... at the bottom right.
    The Test Device Credentials or Test Management System Credentials dialog box is displayed.
  2. Enter the IP address that you would like to test the credentials with.
  3. Click Test.
    While the test runs, the test state is shown as "In progress". When the test completes, the page is refreshed and the result state is updated.
  4. You are shown whether the test ultimately resulted in a success or a failure. By clicking through the link in a State column, you can view the results of the credential test in more detail.
    Test result for arbitrary IP address.

  5. For ssh credentials, a verbose session log is displayed.
    To view the session log, click the show session log link.

The credential test results page shows you all the credentials, access methods and Windows proxies that were tried during the test, and which failed (if any). As would happen during a normal discovery, BMC Atrium Discovery continues until either a successful access is obtained, or it runs out of methods to try.

Testing existing login credentials from the Host page

You can test existing login credentials when viewing a host's details.

  1. From a Host page, click Actions.
    Testing credentials from the host page.

  2. Click Test Discovery Credentials.
    The results are displayed; this can take a few minutes.

    If you do not have the correct credentials, a message will be displayed to this effect. If this occurs you must exit the test and select another host or configure an appropriate credential.

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