Searching the IT infrastructure

You can search for information in the BMC Atrium Discovery datastore by clicking the Search Options icon, which displays a menu where you can tailor your searches on all pages in BMC Atrium Discovery.

To run a basic infrastructure search

  1. In the Search Options menu, type the keyword or text string you want to search for.
  2. Choose Infrastructure from the menu.
  3. Choose Exact Match to search for an entire attribute, or choose Word Match to search for an entire word.
  4. Select the Show Data Completeness check box if you want to view the data completeness issues for all items.
  5. Click Search.
    Summary details of infrastructure objects matching your criteria are listed.
  6. If your search returns too many matches, you can refine it by running an additional search on the items.

For more searching options, select Advanced Search from the Search box. For more information about searching, see Searching for data.

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