Monitoring credential usage

On the Credentials pages, credentials are shown in color coded boxes. The colors represent:

  • Green — 100% success rate
  • Yellow — partial success
  • Blue — the credential has never been used
  • Red — 0% success rate

Where a credential has been used successfully, a link showing the number of successful uses is displayed. If there is a single use then it links to the DiscoveryAccess page for that credential use. If there are multiple uses, it links to a list of DiscoveryAccess pages. Where a credential has failed periodically but has been used successfully, a link is provided to the last successful Discovery Access, and links are also provided to a list of Session Results for failure cases.

Where a credential has never been used successfully there is a link to the SessionResult page for that attempted access.

Credential Windows proxy note

The Credential Windows proxy uses credentials defined on the Login Credentials page, so the usage statistics display in the Login Credentials page, rather than the Windows proxy Management page.

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