Identifying matching credentials

To identify matching credentials

  1. From the Credentials > Devices > Hosts page, click Show Matching Credentials.
  2. Enter the IP address that you want to check in one of the following formats:
    • IPv4 address (for example Labelled v4.
    • IPv6 address (for example 2001:500:100:1187:203:baff:fe44:91a0). Labelled v6.
      As you enter text, the UI formats it as a pill, a discrete editable unit, when you enter a space or a comma. According to the text entered, the pill is formatted to represent one of the previous types or presented as invalid. Invalid pills are labelled with a question mark. You can only enter one IP address in this dialog.
    • To edit the pill, click the pill body and edit the text.
    • To delete the pill, click the X icon to the right of the pill, or click to edit and delete all of the text.
  3. Click Search.
    Any credential that has an IP range matching the specified IP address is highlighted in yellow, and a banner summarizing the results is displayed just below the page heading. The matching does not include disabled credentials.

    If no matching credentials are found this is stated in the banner.

The Show matching credentials button is available on the following credential pages:

  • Hosts
  • SNMP
  • vCenter
  • vSphere
  • Mainframe
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