Discovering Cisco Nexus switches

Discovering Cisco Nexus switch IP addresses

To get information about all the IP addresses in each VRF IP table, you must configure VRF contexts for each VRF. To do so, use the following configuration command in the Cisco Nexus switch console:

snmp-server context "name of the context" vrf "name of the associated vrf"

For example, if the VRF name is "RED", to create its associated context, the command will be:

snmp-server context REDCONTEXT vrf RED

For more information about Cisco Nexus switches, visit Cisco documentation and browse Products > Switches > Data Center Switches. From the list, select the required Cisco Nexus switch series and the corresponding switch. If you want to know about the network devices that can be discovered by BMC Atrium Discovery, see Network devices.

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