Creating a static application model

BMC Atrium Discovery enables you to define a simple application by manual grouping the hosts and software instances in a specific way provided below.

Before you begin

Static application modeling became available in the Technology Knowledge Update 2014-Aug-1. Ensure you have the latest Technology Knowledge Update uploaded and activated.

To create a static application model

  1. Open Applications from the top menu.
  2. In the Application Mapping area, create a group that starts with "StaticApp: ", in exactly that form.


    Do not create sub-groups, as they are not supported in a static application model.

  3. Search for the Hosts, SoftwareInstances and LoadBalancerServices that are a part of the application you model and add them to the group you just created (in our example it is StaticApp:My Simple Application group).


During the CMDB sync, the static application model defined this way causes the creation of a BMC_Application CI in BMC Atrium CMDB, named after the group.

For example, a group named “StaticApp: Example Application” results in a BMC_Application CI with name “Example Application”.

As with all groups, the StaticApp group may contain any node kind, but only Host, SoftwareInstance and LoadBalancerService nodes will actually be related to the BMC_Application CI in the CMDB.

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