Configuring the Virtual Appliance

With any virtual appliance, there are some things to consider before deployment, particularly when you move into production.

Dedicated VMware Resources

It is strongly recommended that the CPU and RAM resources that are allocated to the ADDM appliance are reserved, and are not shared with other VMware guest OSes. If this is not the case, performance might be inconsistent and might not achieve expectations. For more details contact your VMware administrator.

Virtual Appliance sizing guidelines

In previous releases, sizing guidelines were provided by defining classes of appliance deployment. The introduction of Big Discovery means that these classes are no longer valid for clustered deployments. They do still have some relevance for single appliance deployments, but where scale is required, just add hardware!

The appliance specification page in the UI retains the classes for standalone deployments, but not in clusters. We are reviewing BMC Atrium Discovery performance as version 10 is deployed, and might extend our recommendations based on our customers' real experiences.

For more information on the previous recommendations, see Sizing guidelines in the version 9.0 documentation.

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