Configuring pattern cleanup

The data model used in BMC Atrium Discovery version 10 shares pattern module nodes between knowledge upload nodes if the corresponding pattern versions have not changed between upload versions. BMC Atrium Discovery version 9 duplicated the pattern module nodes. Additionally, the components in TKU releases, are now combined into a single upload (formerly known as a pattern package). This work has made it possible to provide automatic cleanup capability to the installed patterns.

Pattern cleanup determines whether old knowledge uploads or pattern modules are obsolete and enables you to remove obsolete knowledge uploads or pattern modules automatically.

When writing TPL patterns it is recommended that you do not modify TKU patterns. If you have modified TKU patterns then auto cleanup will eventually remove them from the system as later versions of the pattern are introduced by subsequent TKUs. When writing a pattern to override a TKU pattern, you should use the overrides statement in the pattern declaration.

To cleanup patterns and knowledge uploads automatically

From the Knowledge Management page toolbar, select Auto Cleanup. Confirmation is requested.

Enabling auto cleanup performs an initial evaluation of all uploads to see whether any old uploads and pattern modules can be removed. Thereafter, automatic cleanup will be performed as a result of further uploads and actions on pattern modules.

Automatic cleanup can remove pattern modules belonging to a knowledge upload, without removing the upload itself. The upload is only cleaned up once all of its component modules have been removed.

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